• Mohamed Ghoneim

    Mohamed Ghoneim joined Inhouse Consulting in 2018 as a Consultant. Hailing from a broad geographic background covering large regions in medical sales and market access, he supports our business in more ways that you might imagine!

    In his first blog telling his story of the first 100 days with the company, Mohamed tells us of the impact this career move has had on his professional life.

My first 100 days with Inhouse Consulting

I joined Inhouse Consulting in October 2018 as a consultant. On the very first day, a tour was arranged for us, to explore different divisions of the Group. From manufacturing sites to R&D facilities, we were introduced to the huge site of Darmstadt. The company was celebrating its 350th anniversary the year I joined. It started as a pharmacy in Darmstadt in 1668 and is still keeping a strong taste of tradition that can be felt in the air. At the same time, our company has recently taken various measures to transform into a vibrant science and technology company.

I started my career more than 10 years ago, during which I held different positions in the pharma and medical devices industries, mostly on the commercial side. After doing my master’s in health economics, I shifted to consulting in a German company in Mannheim. It was an exciting role, working on different projects where you gain diverse experiences in a short time. On the other hand, being an external consultant, I was sometimes missing seeing the results of my work. For some engagements you get the chance to see the implementation of your plan, but this was not always the case.

That’s why this role at Inhouse Consulting seems to offer the best of both worlds. We conduct projects spanning different functional areas of the entire Group. In the previous months, I had the chance to collaborate with different teams worldwide. Yet since our clients are also colleagues, it’s always feasible to follow up and see the project through. In addition, being an internal consultant, makes the ice breaking phase, which is usually needed to gain access and understand the project context, much shorter. People are readier to share ideas and insights from day one. This has a great synergistic effect since the knowledge always stays inside the company.

Within Inhouse Consulting, several measures are put into place to ensure sharing that knowledge. From department meetings and a strong central data bank to simple conversations over lunch with colleagues, you are always encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. This is augmented by a flat structure inside the department which allows autonomy but provides coaching and support when needed. People bringing cakes almost every week is also a great plus!  

This culture of collaboration in addition to the nature of the role makes me believe that I joined the 'Talentschmiede' in the right place at the right time.


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