Leaders of Color

Leaders of Color

Leaders of Color

  • Our Mission

    To help solve our diversity & inclusion problem by proposing solutions to support the ATTRACTION, RETENTION, and PROMOTION of people of color (Asians, African descent, Hispanics, Native Americans, Mixed races, and any other racial/ethnic minorities) and create an environment that values and supports their differences.

TOP 10 ways to be more inclusive of people of color

  1. Implement LOC Strategy to help attract, retain, and promote underrepresented groups of people
  2. Invest in a more diverse talent pipeline & succession plan 
  3. Educate yourself - seek to understand different cultures/races
  4. Listen and seek out different opinions; think about whose voices are (and aren’t) represented
  5. Share your voice/perspective to help others understand how unconscious bias can adversely impact people of color at work
  6. Give feedback when someone makes a statement that adversely impacts a person of color
  7. Be authentic show your cultural pride; bring your authentic self to work
  8. Stretch out a helping hand; ask a person of color to a networking event; sponsor a person of color
  9. Share cultural celebrations to help build relationships and enrich the professional experience of those around you
  10. Self-Advocate - share how it feels to be “the only” in the room so colleagues can identify with feeling excluded or making others feel excluded

Leaders of Color Action Network

Explore what the community members think about the meaning of the network.

"Where value is derived from diversity of thought, creativity and culture"

Kirk Taylor, MD

Senior Vice Present, Regional Medical Affairs, North America at EMD Serono, Inc.

LOC key Accomplishments/Activities

Our long-term goal is to be known as an employer of choice for People of Color.

  • Development workshops to assist members in crafting clear and meaningful development plans
  • Community engagement through participation with organizations that serve underserviced and underrepresented communities like Camp Harbor View in the Boston area and the Explore BioScience program in partnership with the Diversity Awareness Partnership in St. Louis. Active participation in Curiosity Cube and Labs that reach many underrepresented communities.
  • Collaborating with the D&I on diversity and inclusion training.
  • Townhalls and Fireside chats with Sr. Leaders regarding Diversity and Inclusion


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